How To Upgrade Your Entertaining Style |

Most people equate entertaining in their backyard to Bar -B – Que grills and paper products, e.g., napkins, paper plates and soda cans in tubs of ice. Sound familiar to how you entertain in your backyard? I will discuss a few ways to easily upgrade your entertaining style with a few changes or enhancements using the basic food table or station at your event or party.The first and easiest change is your desire to enhance your entertaining personality. Notice what you like and make a mental note or collect pictures of how you would like your party or gathering to look, specifically menus and buffet tables.This will give you a great mental picture to add and subtract from until it fits. You will know it fits when you are comfortable presenting it. You can make this picture as grand or small as you like. Make sure to add colors, tableware, the menu options and the type of decorations that call you.The next step is to slowly acquire, if you don’t already possess the items, you find appealing from your mental picture. Catch sales and have fun shopping for your new entertaining upgrade. Think pitchers, platters, stemware and drinkware for inside and outside.This is my favorite part. I love being inspired and bringing a vision to life and you can too. It may sound time consuming but I promise you it isn’t. It gives you an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t so each gathering gives you practice in perfecting your upgrades.Now add some pizzazz to your presentation. Even if you only serve tapas style food or standard Bar-B-Q polish the presentation. What does that mean? Use colored platters, for some of you use platters in general. Place the food on and in an array of pleasing color coordinated serveware items. People eat with their eyes first. Restaurants take a great deal of effort to photograph food that makes a your mouth water. No one wants to eat food slopped on a plate (unless they are starving). So take some time to jazz it up. This is your opportunity to use more than aluminum foil and paper plates to serve up your new delicious selections. Color coordinated platters, stemware and drinkware are the first key point in making things pleasing to the eye and your guests intrigued and ready to check out the buffet or food station.Moving along we want you to make it easy for your guest to know what is being served. Create a menu or list each item and place on the food station.This is always helpful for picky eaters and is one of those details that is simply appreciated by guests. Always take the guess work out.